Okta App submission in review from last 3 weeks


I have submitted our OKTA SCIM app through OKTA OIN portal for more than 2 weeks. Documentation states that it will take 2 weeks time for getting it reviewed.

Any idea how long will it take or is there a way to expedite it?


Our operations have been impacted by the conflict in Ukraine and review times are much longer as a result. Apologies for the delay and appreciate your patience. We’re working through a large backlog and it is likely to take much more time.

I’m sorry about the misunderstanding about 2 weeks. Can you tell me where you got that information so that we can update it to set better expectations?


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@jbaldoatokta Its already 8 weeks now haven’t received any update for our submission. Is the a way we can expedite this or get an update on this submission?
this is looking like a never ending process with no information or updates whatsoever.

Hi @ramanuj, someone should be reaching out to you with an update. Apologies for the delay.

@jbaldoatokta We are facing the same issue. We have been waiting since July 11 2022 and are still in “Pending Review”. We have clients which NEED this integration to use our app. So embarrassing for us and for OKTA!