Okta App with Multiple Purposes

Hey there, we are looking to create an Okta app that would be an SSO app but also will allow for API integration. The only option I currently see is to create 2 separate apps.
Is this possible to do in a single app?


  • What technology stack are you using and are you using any Okta SDKs?
  • Do you plan to support Web/SSO and API capabilities within the same deployment with unique routes,
    • /app/cookie_route (web/sso)
    • /app/bearer_route (api)
  • Do you plan to support both Web/SSO and API within the same deployment for the same route
    • /app/cookie_or_bearer

Thank You,

Hey Erik, thanks for responding

  • Our tech stack is Python based. Currently using the Okta Python Management SDK.
  • Yes, we plan to support all the aforementioned routes.

The idea is to save our clients the need to install 2 different apps in Okta if possible.