Okta ASA scripting for list-servers

So we’re looking to get Ansible setup here at work and if you know Ansible you know part of this involves creating a host list. All of our servers in in ASA so I’d like to employ the ‘sft list-servers’ to create my hosts files.
So the idea right now is to script an ssh from the Ansible server to an intermediary with scaleft-client-tools isntalled and perform the function, then scp the file back.
My first roadblock is this prompt to browse to a url, I think it’s for authentication. Well it’s linux so I don’t want nor even can use a full browser. I have created a service account but when I attempt to ‘sft login --account svc_ansible’ it fails: unable to find matching team for 'svc_ansible'

So I’m seekign help on this… how can I correctly automate list-servers on a box that is not a “client”?