Okta-auth-js handleRedirect with okta sign in widget

The documentation in okta-auth-js mentions that handleLoginRedirect may be deprecated in a future version.

:warning: Deprecated, this method could be removed in next major release, use sdk.handleRedirect instead.

The okta sign in widget documentation has an recommendation for SPAs to use showSignIn with the example that uses handleLoginRedirect in the promise-then, but not handleRedirect.

  // Assumes there is an empty element on the page with an id of ‘osw-container’
  el: ‘#osw-container’,
}).then(response => {
}).catch(function(error) {
  // This function is invoked with errors the widget cannot recover from:
  console.log('login error', error);

I’d like to know what the alternative function, method call or approach if handleLoginRedirect is deprecated. handleLogin does not accept token parameters so using it in the same way may not be possible.