Okta Auth-JS signOut - not working Firefox

We’re using the okta-auth-js library to signOut users…

In chrome and safari everything is working properly, however in Firefox that is not the case.

const config: OktaAuthOptions = {
  issuer: {OKTA_ISSUER},
  clientId: {OKTA_CLIENTID},
  redirectUri: {OKTA_REDIRECT_URI},
  postLogoutRedirectUri: {LOGOUT_URI},
  scopes: [
  tokenManager: {
    autoRenew: false,
    autoRemove: true,
    storage: 'cookie',
  services: {
    autoRenew: false,
    syncStorage: true,
  storageManager: {
    token: {
      storageTypes: ['cookie', 'sessionStorage'],

We’re utilizing cross tab synchorniazation, so we are running as a service.

Please help!!