Okta Authentication API

Hi Team,

we’re using Okta for authentication. Till now we have been using Authentication API which generates url like {}/api/v1/authn.
Now this is modified and new okta url give to us is like {}/oauth2/{some value}.
And now when I configured later url it does not work.
I figured that probably former url is normal authentication API while later one oauth2 url.
please confirm understanding. Also if you can tell what do I need to to do make it work with oauth2.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @nsoman,

Your understanding is correct.
Any API that has /api/v1 in our docs, is Okta specific API, whereas anything that contains /oauth2 is an oauth spec related API implemented by Okta.

Please go through this documentation on implementing oauth2 authentication - https://developer.okta.com/authentication-guide/implementing-authentication/
This document should answer your questions.

Another helpful link - https://www.oauth.com/

What stack are you on? We might be able to give you a couple pointers for your language/framework.