OKTA authentication for Windows executables (.exe)

Hello everyone,
I’m consulting the OKTA documentation to understand if it’s possible to create an OKTA authentication system to run a Windows Desktop Program (i.e. a Win32 or Win64 executable built using Visual Studio VB.NET) on a Windows Server system (may be using an SSO for native application protocol?)
In other words, I would like to ensure the user must authenticate using the OTKA protocol before activating the Windows executable. Looking at the OKTA documentation it would appear that only Windows Desktop Application built as ASP.NET can use the OKTA authentication protocol.
Please can someone confirm to me that this is achievable? If ‘yes’, please can someone give me suggestions on this or provide me with links where I can find examples about it?
I thank in advance all those who will provide me with information on this.

No replies at all… I have the same issue and so far, no examples found…