Okta Authentication - Passing Information to 3rd Party App

I am wondering if there is a way to pass information (e.g Employee ID) to a 3rd party app when clicking on the tile in the Okta instance?

Exmaple Flow:

  • User logs into Okta
  • User clicks a 3rd party app tile
  • The tile passes the employee ID to the 3rd party app
  • The 3rd party app can then use this information to identify the user

Many thanks


If the application is either a SAML Application or OIDC Application you can do an IdP Initiated Flow where either a SAML Response, id_token (Okta simplified), or issuer URL (oidc compliant) is sent to the application.

In the case of a SAML Assertion or id_token there could be an attribute/claim with this information.
If the issuer URL is sent the application would do an authorize code flow and retrieve a token which could contain a claim with this information.

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