Okta authn - sdk for java

While accessing AuthenticationResponse in the authenticate() method, It require an interface ExtensibleResource which has been removed in okta-sdk-api 10+ versions and authn hasn’t been updated for this version. What would be the alternate to it to get access token programatically in spring boot.

It is currently not supported to upgrade okta-auth-java to v10 of okta-sdk-java. If you are in an Okta Identity Engine org, we would also recommend that you migrate from using okta-auth-java and instead look to use the IDX library, okta-idx-java

Thanks @andrea. Just one query that IDX has been defined for interaction code grant type which is nowhere in the latest UI of Okta. So is there an alternate?

Are you not seeing this grant type in your org?

If you go to https://oktaDomain/.well-known/okta-organization, does pipeline say v1 (which means the org is on Okta Classic Engine) or idx (which means the org is on Okta Identity Engine)?

We’re on the same boat. We want to migrate to the latest Okta SDKs with Okta Classic Engine. The okta-auth-java 2.x.x is a supported version. Can Okta please upgrade it to a supported okta-sdk-java? Thanks.

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