Okta Cypress Integration

I’m attempting to setup Okta within Cypress and running into some issues. I followed the Cypress documentation to implement the Okta Auth SDK and API calls, and have success calling both the /authn endpoint and the /authorize endpoint and getting back an authorization code. Where I am running into issues is trying to trigger the callback with the code to have our back-end server log the user in with Okta. The purpose is to avoid having to go through the Okta UI every time to log a user in.

I tried to use the token.getWithoutPrompt call, but I didn’t want the actual /token endpoint to be called, as well as trying the getWithRedirect call. Now I am writing my own cy.request calls to go through the authentication and authorize workflow and list my web server as the callback url for /authorization-code/callback to log the user in, but I am getting a 404 every time.

I can replicate this same process on the UI of the website with no issues. Is there something I am doing wrong with this integration that would be easier to follow a different path? I want to avoid storing any client secret within the integration tests and simply do a login for the user onto our server. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated.

I’m not sure if anybody has seen this, but I’m still running into the issue where I cannot use the SDK in an authorization code flow to log the user in to our server.