Okta developer react native sign in issue

@chinmay_k3 Did you create oidc configuration? If you are using this sdk, GitHub - okta/samples-js-react-native: samples-js-react-native, you can post the code with error pics under the issue tab.

I have client id and issuer . I want to create login page in react native . I am not getting proper step by step solution. Everytime plugins issue.
I also followed documentation. But didn’t work.please share any reference. Thanks for the response.

@chinmay_k3 Can I ask which documentation you followed? Is there a link?

Sure. Just 1 min. let me send you the resource link

I have tried both custom-sign and browser-sign. but nothing worked.

@chinmay_k3 Did you set up the the configuration with your own app info?