Okta externalID is missing in Ad Mapping in Directory Provisioning

I am trying to map my AD to Okta in the Directory Integration

In the below link

It is emphasizing that the below mapping should be done and some of them are required by okta

But when I navigate to Provisioning and i try to map ObjectGuid, I can not find externalD as Native Okta Attribute .
The same thing for ObjectSid


Could you please advise what should be in this mapping?

Thanks in advance

Can you open a support case for assistance with this? Your question is a little out of scope for the Developer community and I can’t guarantee you’ll get an answer here.

In case anybody stumbles across this, the documentation is incorrect because it says “externalID”. The property is actually “externalId” which shows up in the attributes list for the directory integration. Remember that this is a property in the directory profile. The expression appuser.externalId will pick up the property to map it into the Okta user profile in the mappings for the directory profile.