Okta handlebars

I want to display a different app name for some of the client ID’s, So I want to keep all the clients Id’s in a list and check if the client ID is coming in a request matches with list then change the app name below is the code this is for okta hosted sign-in widget.

 var requestContext = OktaUtil.getRequestContext();
            if ( requestContext && requestContext.target && requestContext.target.label ) {
              	if ( requestContext.target.clientId = {{{clientIdList}}} ){
                	return "my App";
                else return requestContext.target.label;
            else return "Sign In";

This is how I want my code to look like but not sure how can I define value for {{{clientIdList}})

I think you probably need to create an arrayList and check if the list contains the the target clientId.
You can refer the IDP list in sign in widget and try to create one for your clientIdList.

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@Lijia Thanks for the info. I was able to implement the same just one more doubt how can I add HTML paragraph marked in red on okta hosted sign-in widget? Attaching the image below. Again want this to be conditional i.e. display this banner for few of the client ID.

@Akshay Hi you may need refer error handler.