Okta hoted login - custom CallbackComponent

Hey all,
I try to custom the : CallbackComponent (that Okta provide by default) .
I crated my custom CallbackComponent - CustomCallbackComponent
(copy it from your SDK implementation -
https://github.com/okta/okta-angular/blob/master/lib/src/okta/components/callback.component.ts )

In my logIn component I use :

await this.oktaAuth.signInWithRedirect({ originalUri: '/' });

I also update the routes:

const appRoutes: Routes = [
        path: 'login/callback',
        component: CustomCallbackComponent
        path: '',
        component: HomeComponent,

The problem is - when I inside CustomCallbackComponent, i dont get the token .

I would like to get your help with it…


The Okta Callback Component either gets the tokens (implicit), or the code (authorization code) with this call,

Does your custom component still make this call?

Thank You,

To add to @erik 's response, can you provide some info on how you initialize the OktaAuthModule and your app setup? If you’re writing a NgModules application, can you provide your AppModule with your Okta config redacted (if defined there), or if you’re writing a stand-alone application, can you provide the app.config.ts (with redacted Okta config)?

There’s also a step to start the OktaAuth service that the Okta Angular SDK does as part of the OktaAuthModule setup, so I want to ensure all the pieces are there. :slight_smile: