Okta hybrid server-side flow


I’m implementing React SPA / .NET Core 2.2 Web API. application that will use Okta.
Is there some good example for any JS-based SPA and .NET Core Web API of following hybrid flow described on Google:
Google Sign-In for server-side apps

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Danilo! Okta does support a hybrid flow, but Google’s meaning of “hybrid” is a little different. I’d like to understand more about what you are building. What’s your requirement for offline access?

Hi @nate.barbettini! Thanks for reply!

Let’s presume at this point that client SPA (React) will not have internet access, so when recommended Implicit flow for SPA’s is used (i.e. okta-react), authentication will not be possible. Web API will be able to be ,online’’ and communicate with Okta.

What kind of setup are you suggesting for this?
Is there Authorization Code Flow in okta-react?


Hi @nate.barbettini,

Do you have any suggestion for specified or similar flow?