Okta IdP after authentication not redirecting to the organization url

I am using Idp in okta to authenticate the user through the third party. It is successfully redirecting the user to Idp after click on the Next button in the Okta login modal.
But after successful authentication with the Idp, page is not get redirected back to the original organization site.
Here are my config settings:
var config= {
en: {
primaryauth.title: “Sign in to account”
primaryauth.username.placeholder: “Email or User ID”
primaryauth.password.placeholder: “Password”
errors.E0000004: “Incorrect email or password. Please try again.”
baseUrl: “https://test.example.com”,
redirectUri: “https://test.example.com”,
idpDiscovery: true
registration: true
Please someone provide the help.


Hi @FBM874

Is there a JavaScript error registered in the browser’s console when coming back from the identity provider?

I am able to fin the solution, actually it was heppneing becuase of different OKta versions on my local and on the IDP.
So, now the redirection issue is resolved on Chrome browser but on IE it is returning 404 that page not found.
I am looking into that please let me know if you have any info about that.