Okta "idpresponse?code" endpoint returns 401 error

we have implemented AWS ALB Authentication with OKTA OIDC for our front-end application.
Also implemented logout functionality by expiring AWSELBAuthSessionCookie and redirected to okta “/login/signout” endpoint.
Now when logout user redirecting back to the okta login page. User can login again from same login window within around 30 mins. But if we took some time and trying to login again from the same login window getting “401 Authorization Required” .
API call with 401 response :- {okta}/oauth2/idpresponse?code=8a502d96-9537…

can someone please help us to fix this issue? Thanks

Hi @madujith, please confirm are you also logging out the user’s Okta session - OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 API | Okta Developer.

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