Okta in an ASP.NET Webform application

I am trying to implement Okta in an ASP.NET Webform application, I use the example: (Secure Your ASP.NET Web Forms Application with OpenID Connect and Okta | Okta Developer) , but when I run it it does not call the OKTA validation screen, it goes directly to the page that I put as a test on my Web (https://www.mysite.com/main.aspx), when I run the debug Request.IsAuthenticated = false, for which I should be directed to OKTA to validate myself, someone who can guide me.

I suggest running the Webform samples from,

There is a Okta hosted login and a Self hosted login sample.

I already did it and it runs fine, but how did you send the email and username to a session variable?

with OpenID Connect, using GitHub - okta/samples-aspnet-webforms: Okta + ASP.NET Web Forms