Okta integration

Hi,I need some assistance with integrating Okta into my React application
Here are the steps I followed:

1.I created an Okta account.
2.I added email addresses in the “Person” tab, and each email received an activation link.
3.Users clicked on the activation link to set their passwords.
4.Used the provided credentials to integrate it with my React app.
5.Currently, users are allowed to log in to our website,for example https://abcd.com using both their email address and password.
6.However, I would like to change the login process so that users can only log in using their username (email address) without requiring a password. Could you please guide me on the changes I need to make in my Okta settings and code to achieve this? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


To verify you want to have a passwordless solution where each time users authenticates into Okta a OTP/Magic Link is sent to their email and they use it to complete the authentication process?

Is your Okta Org a Classic or OIE Org?

If it is an OIE org see,