Okta Internal API's

I somewhere read about internal api of okta. eg. {url}/api/internal/administrators to fetch all admin roles.
So I guess there are some other internal api’s which can differs from public api in Okta.

Can I get information/Documentation about all internal api’s?
Currently I am facing performance issue to get information about users like connected groups, apps, MFA factors, admin roles as I need to fire multiple api’s. So I want to know if internal api’s can help me to reduce those api calls.

I am aware about fact that Internal api’s can change without notice so I plan to keep rollback mechanism to point public api in my java application, So if internal api changes my application will not break and continue to work with public api’s.


While you can always inspect traffic, internal APIs aren’t documented for a reason, they may be dangerous to use from a public standpoint and could harm your Org. These APIs have been validated for particular use cases, and their calls are made in a very calculated manner.

I would highly advise working with the team on the performance problems instead of trying to work around with internal APIs.

If there are APIs that you would like to see us add, we also have avenues for feature requests.