Okta JWT is not well formed

I have multiple users set up in okta, all assigned to one particular okta app. Out of which, JWT (authorization code flow with PKCE)generated for only two users, seem to be well formed and I am able to successfully SSO into my application. For remaining users, my app throws an error indicating “JWT is not well formed”. Could you please let me know 1.if this is a known defect? 2. How do I get around it? 3. Am I missing something, like configuration etc.?

I’d compare the token between a user that works and a user that is broken. You can do this easily by going to Security->API, clicking your auth server (usually “default”), and going to the token preview tab. Hopefully that can give you some insights into what the problem is.

Hi, I tried to compare the tokens, but other than obvious claims, nothing seems to be the cause of improperly formated/generated JWT.
I have no clue; since I (an admin) have created all these users, and creating process has been the same as well. There’s nothing that I see could have caused the issue.