Okta-MFA based login on mobile app using okta/react-native package

We didn’t find Okta MFA login capabilities in the okta/react-native package. But we have a requirement to enable users with MFA login in our mobile app.
Has anyone implemented MFA using okta/react-native package? Can you please give some pointers of help?


Is you Okta Org an OIE Org?

The React Native SDK relies on the iOS/Android OIDC SDKs and a version of auth-js that is meant for classic Orgs (authn only).

I am not aware of plans to upgrade the SDK, you might check at Issues · okta/okta-react-native · GitHub

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My Okta org is based on classic engine.
The issue is, the okta/react-native SDK doesn’t have an in-built workflow for MFA. We tried a few changes but none have worked.
Can you or someone else suggest a way forward?