Okta multiple org login using single org

Hi there, I have .Net Core application wherein i am doing setup for Okta SSO and its working as a charm, though our clients(groups of users) are from different Okta organizations. So my real challenge is to login all different clients(with different Okta Org) using my Okta org. I have explored this scenario but have not get the expected outcome, please help me out here.

Have you looked into setting up external IdPs in your Okta org so that users from other orgs can get JIT’d into your own and use any applications you have configured for it?

You can either us Org2Org (Okta as a SAML IdP) or configure the Generic OIDC Provider (Okta as OIDC IdP)

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@andrea Thank you very much, I will explore in details about these options.