Okta OIDC configuration with vcloud director

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I am trying to integrate okta oidc with vcloud director which failed with " 400 Bad request Your request resulted in an error. The ‘redirect_uri’ parameter must be a Login redirect URI in the client app settings: ". I referred this URL Cloud Director OIDC Configuration using OKTA IDP | VMTECHIE for the configuration and integration. As far as I know I have not missed anything as per the document but still failing. Can someone through your thought/suggestion on this, pls ?

If you check in your system log, you can find the redirect_uri that this application is actually attempting to use (in case it doesn’t match the one from their configuration doc).

First find the failure event with the following query outcome.reason eq "illegal_redirect_uri_enhanced", and then check the value for the provided redirect_uri within debugContext.debugData.redirectUri and add that to the app as a “Sign-in redirect URI”. That should resolve that error for you.

Thank you @andrea for an immediate response to my query. I am not quite clear on the process here. I could see the error “illegal_redirect_uri_enhanced” and then the debug_context.debug_data.request_uri shows this value “/oauth2/v1/authorize”. What I am not clear here is should I append this /oauth2/v1/authorize to the Sign-in redirect URI ?

Here is my signin redirect uri / tenant url - https:///login/oauth?service=tenant:Test-org

Pls clarify

Not request_uri, but redirectUri (within the same debugData section)

Thank you so much @andrea for your suggestion. Now the problem was resolved. I was wondering the redirecturi I copied from the debugcontext was same I what I had in sign-in redirect uri. Not sure how it worked when I copied and pasted the redirecturi to sign-in redirecturi.

BTW I have a problem with Okta SAML integration as well. Will post that issue separately.

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