@okta/okta-sdk-nodejs Unhandled Promise Rejection Warning being thrown

using GitHub - okta/okta-sdk-nodejs: Node.js API Client for the Okta Platform API

I’m getting an UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning, why is this being cause and how can I avoid it?

const client = new okta.Client({
orgUrl: ‘https://{{org}}.oktapreview.com/’,
authorizationMode: ‘PrivateKey’,
clientId: ‘{{clientId}}’,
scopes: [‘okta.users.manage’],
privateKey: JSON.stringify(privateKey) });
try {
const orgUsers = client.listUsers();
orgUsers.each(user => {
}).then(() => console.log(‘All users have been listed’));
} catch (e) {

please see here for an explaination

this issue is resolved

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