Okta owin based sdk to support stand alone .net web api

I am implementing adding new identity provider - okta to my existing web api. I already have google, microsoft providers which use cookie based authentication for verifying users. When client tries to login, if Identity.IsAuthenticated is false a challange request is called where owin handles the request to specific provider’s authentication provider handler where it sets the cookie and then redirects to the caller.
Microsoft - https://****.net/signin-microsoft.
Facebook - Microsoft.Owin.Security.Facebook
Google - Microsoft.Owin.Security.Google
Is there a way to achieve the same with okta?

Because Okta is not a Social authentication provider, there is no single URI that you can redirect users to to log in, as their issuer will depend upon the Okta instance/tenant they have been created in. Aka, there is not “Sign In With Okta” equivalent (like “Sign In With Apple,” “Sign In With Facebook,” etc) at this time