Okta-react - loginCallback custom redirect

Hello, loginCallback redirects to / is there a way to change that?

You’re right, the LoginCallback component redirects to / by default. According to the docs, it sounds like you can modify the component yourself to support the use case. I’ll let the others who know React provide a better answer though.

For more advanced cases, this component can be copied to your own source tree and modified as needed.

What’s the use-case? as per doc you can return to where you originally headed, if it’s a protected route

if a SecureRoute caused the redirect, then the callback redirects to the secured route

So the problem was when i not headed anywhere just back to / but / of the router. My app is under some path on the server for example http://example.com/react/ loginCallback was redirecting to http:/example.com/ where some other stuff is being served.

Solved it by configuring Security using AuthService instance and then calling .setFromUri(ulr)

Anyway thanks for help !