Okta React Setup

I’m trying to set up Okta React and have run into an issue with scopes. I have set up an authorization server that provides custom scopes and want to support 3 types of users (all with a slightly different set of scopes). I don’t know what scopes the user will have rights to until I sign in. if I don’t specify scopes in the OktaAuth configuration the authentication server rejects the request. If I pass an empty array for scopes I get an access token but no ID token. What is the correct way to set the scopes for OktaAuth and should I pass any options to signInWithRedirect?

I’m using the latest versions of okta-react and okta-auth-js

I could be wrong but my understanding is the scope pertains to the application what it can and can’t do.
So when you pass the scope you are telling OKTA what your application needs to do.

For granting users specific permissions you want to assign them to groups and edit their scope, access, permissions etc from the access policy tab.

The server will then give them a token, when they use this token to perform actions on the application okta will check if they have permissions or not.

I hope this helps at least a little bit.