Okta resolving users api

I am testing OKTA api-users, and I’m interested about a specific capability that I couldn’t find. I want to be able to attach to the request 100 id’s and get back an array of the user objects of these id’s(just like api/v1/users/{id} API,but for many ids), Is there an API of OKTA that can do it(maybe some post request that receives in body the ids and returns the user objects?) ?

I was able to make a workaround, by using the GET api/v1/users API with query parameters(filter/search) but I didn’t find it to be the best solution because the URL can’t be too long(I had to put 100 ids to the search parameter).



Unfortunately there is no such API. The filter/search solution would have been something we would have suggested to try.

Thank you for your help.
Another quick question. About device api. I am trying to use list devices api, and I am trying to get the response in ordered way(with a query parameter). Do you support it?

Thank you.