Okta Rest API to get User and groups

I am looking for information to get a person/employee profile and associated group using a single Okta Rest API call. currently I am making two APIs call to get a User Profile and its Group information

To get an employee User:
{{url}}/api/v1/users?filter=profile.firstName eq “ABC”

To get a group for a person/employee

Also How can I add select statement in above api call to get specific profile columns instead of complete user object?

you can not, it is what it is


Can I do selection of columns in rest api call to select specific column instead of complete User Object?

e.g. In below query, I am selecting id and status but it returns other attributes as well in response.
url}}/api/v1/users?filter=profile.firstName eq “ABC”&select=id,status

no, it’s REST not GraphQL :slight_smile: