OKTA SAML too many redirects

I’ve created a test SAML-based application in the OKTA developer portal. Using the .NET based example web project provided by Okta, I’ve setup the code as outlined in the documentation found here:

How to Authenticate with SAML in ASP.NET Core and C# | Okta Developer

The one notable change I’ve made is running this application on .NET 8.0, however, I don’t believe the issue I’m seeing has anything to do with the platform itself.

I’m able to log in with OKTA as the IdP and after successful login, the system attempts to redirect the user back to the Login page instead of the “AssertionConsumerService” end point as outlined in the documentation. I’ve setup the OKTA SAML settings for my test application as such:

Single Sign On URL:

Recipient URL:

Destination URL:

Default Relay State:

I’ve tried various combinations of the above settings to see if the redirect ever attempts to load /Auth/AssertionConsumerService. It does not. It continuously redirects back to /Auth/Login and then back over to “…/sso/saml?samlRequest=…” at my devolopment app domain on dev.okta.com.

If required, I can zip up the sample code to provide for debugging purposes.

Does anyone have any insight as to what I’m doing wrong here?

Thank you for reaching out here on the Okta Developer Forum. We noticed that your question is more closely related to SAML. To ensure you receive the most accurate and timely assistance, we recommend reposting your query on Okta’s Community at: Okta Help Center (Lightning)

Okta’s teams on the Community are better equipped to provide the comprehensive support and guidance you need as they have the specialised knowledge and expertise in SAML.

We appreciate your understanding and are committed to ensuring you receive the best possible support. If you have any other questions or issues related to Okta’s developer tools and API’s, feel free to post them here, and we’ll be happy to assist!

I’m able to log in with OKTA as the IdP, but after a successful login, the system redirects back to the Login page instead of the “AssertionConsumerService” endpoint. I’ve set the Single Sign-On URL to https://localhost:7182/Auth/Login, the Recipient URL to https://localhost:7182/Auth/AssertionConsumerService, and the Destination URL to https://localhost:7182/Auth/Login. Despite various My Indigo Card configurations, it keeps redirecting to /Auth/Login and then to “…/sso/saml?samlRequest=…” on dev.okta.com. Any insights on this issue?