Okta SCIM API integration

I am trying to configure the API integration for SCIM (Header Auth). After I enter the base URL and the Bearer token and try to test, I got the following error message. I am guessing I need to add certs some where? Can you let me know how? I understand if my website is publicly certified, I should be able to test, but how can I use a self signed certs and add a bundle in Okta?

failure : sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
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Hi @ryan.zhang

Are you able to connect your SCIM server with Okta using ngrok’s https tunnel?

What is the full exception, are you seeing this stack trace on the client?

The exception is seen on Okta SCIM log.
I haven’t tried using ngrok.

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