Okta session cookie name in browser?


I’m trying to find out what and where is the Okta Session cookie located in the browser. I tried looking for it in the browsers cookie storage, but none of the present ones seemed to be correct one.

Is the session cookie even stored in the browser or is it stored at Oktas back-end services somewhere? Can I get it via an API call or something like that?

What I’m looking for is to do an API that would use the session cookie of the currently logged in user to do some monitoring and logging for testing purposes.

The Okta session cookie is set on the Okta domain. Depending on your org and whether its on Okta Classic or Identity Engine, there will be a sid and/or idx cookie set .

Have you looked into making an AJAX request to GET /api/v1/sessions/me to check if a user is logged in (note that there are some 3rd party cookie limitations for this)