I am using okta-signin-widget 6.7.0, inside that we could see jquery reference as 1.12.4.
When my customer is performing security testing they notified it is referencing older version of jquery.
Is there any possibility that okta-signin-widget will have reference to latest jQuery version. If not can you kindly give us an alternative solutions so that we can have a work around.

Okta has patched the version of jQuery currently being used by the widget, but we are also looking to update to a later version of jQuery in a future major version of the widget.

More details about the patch found here: Is Okta using jQuery 1.12.4 in the Signin widget? | Okta Help Center

Thanks andrea for letting us know. When is the next major version so that we can inform our customer?

Widget v7 is currently scheduled to make its appearance (and include this update) in the next couple of months, but I don’t have a firm ETA I can provide at this time.

Thanks andrea sounds good.