Okta Sign-In Widget and Angular | Okta Developer

i have implemented angualr sigin in widget using this link https://developer.okta.com/code/angular/okta_angular_sign-in_widget/.

After success from responce its is redirecting to “https://dev-6460791.okta.com/

ngOnInit() {
el: ‘#okta-signin-container’},
(res) => {
if (res.status === ‘SUCCESS’) {

     // this.router.navigate(['/home']);
    this.signIn.signInWithRedirect('/', { sessionToken: res.session.token });
      // Hide the widget
     // this.signIn.loginRedirect('/', { sessionToken: res.tokens.idToken.value });
     // this.signIn.signInWithRedirect({ sessionToken: res.tokens.idToken.value });
  (err) => {
    throw err;


can anybody please help

I would recommend running the Angular sample applications. I would start with the Okta hosted app and then the custom hosted to see which meets your needs better.