Okta sign in widget MFA issue

I am using the JS sign in widget for user auth which is working fine from my dev account, when running in Production which uses MFA after enter credentials and hit the send push button I accept on my phone and nothing happens, after a while I get this okta message

Haven’t received a push notification yet? Try opening the Okta Verify App on your phone.

I then try and enter via code and after hitting enter I get this error from my app

Uncaught TypeError: n.verify is not a function
at L.r.<anonymous> (Factor.js:295)
at L.r.manageTransaction (BaseLoginModel.js:47)
at L.r.save (Factor.js:261)
at L.r.<anonymous> (InlineTOTPForm.js:49)
at L.r.manageTransaction (BaseLoginModel.js:47)
at L.r.click (InlineTOTPForm.js:36)
at L.r.n.<computed> (ButtonFactory.js:21)
at D (underscore.js:762)
at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (underscore.js:775)
at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (underscore.js:122)

So I am not entirely sure what I am missing or what the real issue could be, any help would be appreciated.

Hi! Are you able to post the code from your widget configuration? Also can you confirm whether this MFA policy is at the app level or at the org level? Thanks!