Okta Sign In Widget not passing state to Inline Token Hook

Hi all,

I am using the self hosted Okta Widget. I also have a custom auth server created along with an inline token hook assigned. The flow seems to be all working well but one thing I noticed is no state is being passed in the payload Okta is sending to the hook.

Here is roughly what I’m doing in the code:

const signIn = new OktaSignIn({state: 'test-state', /*...other-settings **/})
      .then(function(tokens) {
        // read tokens

I was expecting the state to be passed as part of the payload to the hook as documented here but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

It’s likely something I’m doing wrong so some guidance would be great. How can I pass state to the inline token hook when using the Okta sign in widget?

Hi all,

It would be great to get some insight into this. As we are using the Okta widget, we are using Interaction Code grant type so maybe it isn’t possible to pass any state when using this?

I can’t find a clear answer in the Okta documentation.

Happy to provide any additional information that may be helpful.