Okta-signin-widget - Registration ParseSchema - Options

The okta signin widget seems to have the following capabilities to add additional fields to the registration page: https://github.com/okta/okta-signin-widget#registration.

However, there is very limited documentation on what is available outside of a string type. We would like to create a checkbox type. I tried this:

parseSchema: function (schema, onSuccess, onFailure) {
// This example will add an additional field to the registration form
schema.profileSchema.properties.marketing = {
‘type’: ‘boolean’,
‘description’: ‘Street Address’,
‘default’: false,
// ‘maxLength’: 255

Which created a drop down with undefined in the main box. The default value and description fields do not seem to work correctly. Is it possible to force a new field to be required? There isn’t enough information available in the documentation to discern this.