Okta SSO Application Selection Best Pratices

Hello we are in early planning phase for a SSO migration and wanted to get feedback on what is best practices for application selection and prioritization. I have a very mixed environment for authentication ranging from AD environment with some application on-premise AD integrated, others on -premise LDAP AD Integrated, on premise non-AD integrated applications using a local IdP and we have an assortment of Cloud applications.

-Should we integrate every application both cloud and on premise applications with Okta SSO
-Should we integrate only Cloud based applications
-Should we integrate Cloud based applications and on-premise non-AD integrated applications.

Please let me know why you choose one of these strategies and what is Best Practices for this type of project.

If your on-prem apps dont support modern auth protocols such as SAML or OAuth/OIDC then its likely you would need to use https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Access-Gateway/ag-main.htm for thoseā€¦