Okta SSO Logout


I have an application which logs in using okta succesfully but I am trying to logout the user from my application.
I have researched this https://developer.okta.com/docs/reference/api/authn/#authentication-operations.
Since I am using SSO, I’ll be getting the access_token and other details from callback (I do not get password details). How do I logout the user from my app without being logging out from okta?

Amshu Kanth


The answer for how to handle this is going to vary a bit depending on how your application is ensuring that only authorized users have access. For example, our SDKs have a couple of different ways that local sessions are managed and they each have methods for clearing them to log users out. If you’re using one of them, I’d recommend reviewing the guide we have about Signing users out of your app.

These methods are separate from the ones used for ending a users Okta session, which I’ll also include here for completeness: Sign users out of Okta.