Okta SSO with Umbraco Backoffice

Was wondering if anyone had integrated Okta SSO with Umbraco backoffice before.

I’ve been following this guide below

But had got 500 error issues upon trying to signin to Okta SSO

I see the error IDX20804: Unable to retrieve document from: 'System.String'. This means the application was not able to access the discovery url (/.well-known/openid-configuration). That could mean either the Okta url or the issuer could be incorrect, or some sort of network issue. In the guide you provided, they use OktaDomain and AuthorizationServerId.

According to the documentation for the Okta middleware, the default value for AuthorizationServerId is default. Use string.Empty if you are using the Org Authorization Server.

You may want to check if those values are correct or whether your Okta org has access to the custom authorization server named default.

Note : Okta’s Developer Edition makes most key developer features available by default for testing purposes. Okta’s API Access Management product — a requirement to use Custom Authorization Servers — is an optional add-on in production environments.

Thanks Warren, using string.Empty for the AuthorizationServerId solved it

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