Okta Support for Complex JSON Schema Types

I currently have an interesting issue:

I have defined an app user profile subschema type of Array per the Okta documentation. The custom profile attribute is roles. They’re a bunch of strings and get sent across fine to my SCIM-enabled app. However, this app implements SCIM per the standard - namely a complex type consisting of value, display, type and primary sub attributes (search for the “roles” string in this section).

When the implementation tries to unmarshal the JSON request body, this fails as it’s expecting the complex type above. Interestingly, Okta manages to make this work for email. While the email attributes in Okta are separate in the profile (ie. primaryEmail, primaryEmailType), the request JSON produced by Okta actually conforms to the RFC schema, namely a multivalued complex type - Emails (including both primary and secondary emails, if defined).

The obvious solutions I see are:

  1. Renaming my attribute to something other than roles and add custom resource type that supports it.
  2. Lodge a product enhancement request that Okta support Complex types - is there an avenue for doing this?



Hi @richar,

option #1 is the current workaround.
For an avenue -> https://support.okta.com/help/oktaideas

The product team is looking at adding this functionality, I’m unsure on the timing. Ideas and support cases are the best way to track and get notified.


Thanks for the update, Tom.