Okta User Details API Customize

Hi ,

I am using OKTA users API to get user Information to apex.

Response format is mentioned below. In the response have many user details and I don’t want all the field in the response data. How can we avoid this? Can it possible that response send only 4-5 necessary details?

Can we customize the response format from OKTA or there is any endpoint available that send customize response?
API: https://domain.com/api/v1/users

“id”: “6655557656”,
“status”: “ACTIVE”,
“created”: “2014-07-09T21:08:03.000Z”,
“activated”: “2014-07-09T21:08:04.000Z”,
“statusChanged”: “2014-07-09T21:08:04.000Z”,
“lastLogin”: “2014-06-06T11:15:54.000Z”,
“lastUpdated”: “2012-07-23T16:15:37.000Z”,
“passwordChanged”: null,
“profile”: {
“firstName”: “Test”,
“lastName”: “Test”,
“primaryPhone”: “+4234”,
“hireDate”: “4/17/1312”,
“Delivery_Office”: “Test”,
“mobilePhone”: " “,

The Users API is designed to return the full User object for the requested User(s). There is no supported way to request only the desired information. Your integration will need to parse the output for the information required for your use case.

Thanks Andrea for you response.