OKTA User Update

I am using Okta C# sdk for development. I have created some custom user profile attributes in the Okta. I am able to create user and save values in custom attributes. But as I saw that when you update profile data you have to provide all the details again. If you provide specific attributes value then sets null for other attributes. So how can I update only one or two attributes so that other should not change.

My code:
var oktaClient = new OktaClient(Apikey, new Uri(ApiUrl));

            var usersClient = oktaClient.GetUsersClient();
            //var CurrentUser = usersClient.Get("emailid");

            foreach (string key in Attributes.Keys)
                if (CurrentUser.Profile.ContainsProperty(key))
                    //user.Profile.SetProperty(key, Attributes[key]);
                    if (Attributes[key] != null)
                        CurrentUser.Profile.SetProperty(key, Attributes[key]);

            CurrentUser = usersClient.Update(CurrentUser);

*ERROR:Unable to serialize the object properly

Hey @Praveenvid, I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. Here’s what I tried:

var oktaClient = new OktaClient("api-key", new Uri("org-url"));
var usersClient = oktaClient.GetUsersClient();

// Get a user and update a custom profile property
var user = usersClient.Get("user-id");
user.Profile.SetProperty("customProperty1", "testing");

// Get the same user and update a different property
var user2 = usersClient.Get("user-id");
user2.Profile.SetProperty("customProperty2", "foobar");

After running this code, the user has both properties set. Setting customProperty2 didn’t null out the first property.

I may have misunderstood your issue. Let me know if this doesn’t match what you are trying to do.