Okta users not updated immediately

Hello everyone,

We’re having a synchronization issue using the Okta Users endpoint to update and retrieve users.

We update a user and this works fine, but when we get the list of users after closing the update window, the modified user doesn’t come with the new values, if we retry after some seconds, the values are correct.

Why the update in okta it’s not immediate? Why it takes some time to update them? Is there a way to avoid this issue without adding a Timer or Delay (it’s not a good practice and we don’t know how many time it takes to okta to update the values on the DB)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

would probably help if you indicate how you perform GET operation, but my guess is that you use search parameter. I think, if you do filter the result will be more like you expect, and its b/c of indexing or something like that. Also ran into the same thing once

Thanks for your reply. We used Search instead of Filter because we saw this in okta:

We’ve tried with filter, but it seems to be slower and doesn’t resolve the issue. I think Okta add to a kind of queue the requests to operate with users and because of this, it takes some secs to reflect the changes into their DB.

Well, you can open a ticket with Okta Support to address this issue. But what is the use case where you need to create and search right after that?

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