Okta-vue ImplicitCallback.vue Issue

I’m using Okta Widget & Vue after successful login I get this:

My App config looks like this:

My implementation is based on https://github.com/okta/samples-js-vue/tree/master/custom-login

What I’m doing wrong? Thanks

Hi @spyderdsn

Are you using a custom authorization server in your integration (eg. issuer URL looks like https://yourOktaOrg.okta.com/oauth2/default)? If yes, can you please check under Admin >> Security >> API (or Admin >> API if using developer console admin interface) >> Authorization Servers >> your authorization server >> Access Policies that you have a policy to allow ID token and access token to be requested?

All my settings are default.

Also when I preview the token with this configuration I get a response.

Hi @spyderdsn

Thank you for providing the screenshots. From what I can see, the configuration is correct. Can you please open a support ticket with us at developers@okta.com in order to have the issue further investigated?