Okta with Nginx and Lasso

trying to implement Lasso as an authentication service with okta.i see that the user gets redirected to okta successfully, but keeps being redirected constantly even after a successful auth .
here is what i see in the logs :

DEBU[0032] /auth
INFO[0032] OpenID userinfo body: {“sub”:“00ug4tvVqiq0M90h7”,“email”:“xxx@gmail.com”,“email_verified”:true}
DEBU[0032] { xxx@gmail.com 0 0 0}
DEBU[0032] no domains configured
DEBU[0032] key is xxx@gmail.com
DEBU[0032] retrieved xxx@gmail.com from db
DEBU[0032] userexists… keeping time at 1536077864
DEBU[0032] user created { xxx@gmail.com 1536077864 1536132433 0}
DEBU[0032] token: &{ 0xc00000d200 map[typ:JWT alg:HS256] {xxxx@gmail.com [] { 1536206833 0 Lasso 0 }} false}
DEBU[0032] token expires: 1536206833
DEBU[0032] diff from now: 74400
DEBU[0032] compressed string: H4sIAAAAAAAA_xTNUVPCIBwA8E
DEBU[0032] Request handled successfully
DEBU[0032] statuscode:
INFO[0032] | 200 | 198.774351ms | | GET okta-auth.domain.com /auth
DEBU[0032] /validate
ERRO[0032] no jwt found
DEBU[0032] Request handled successfully
DEBU[0032] statuscode: