OktaIdx swift Duo MFA flow

Reading through the okta IDX documentation I find no mention of Duo integration for MFA .
It’s not even supported in the sample app “Embedded Auth” that’s shipped with the SDK.

My question is, how do I reach the duo variables sent in the response ? I can see them in the response inside the IONAuthenticator however they are marked as private.

Is there a way I can enable Duo MFA using OktaIDX ?

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Duo documentation for OIE can be found here.

Which Okta SDK are you using auth-js?

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I’m using the Idx swift SDK

The documentation link describes the flow but doesn’t give concrete example on how to obtain data from the idx SDK .

If you have it registered as an authenticator in your Org and a user has it registered as one of their authenticators and the application authentication policy allows it then it should show up as a remediation option.

Have you already setup Duo in your Org and verified that it is allowed for your apps authentication policy?

If so if you run our sample app (okta-idx-swift/Samples/EmbeddedAuthWithSDKs at master · okta/okta-idx-swift · GitHub) I believe it should show up as an available option when going through the remediations.

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I have it setup correctly on my org with the policy and everything . And it shows up as an option however i can’t get it to work on Embedded Auth .

I get this message when trying to use the Duo option - “Required parameter signatureData missing"
However upon inspection to the response from the SDK i see that it contains contextualData object with all the relevant data inside of it but it’s not publicly accessible , this makes me think there must be another way to complete the Duo flow .

How do you have DUO setup in your OIE Org?

  • as a Custom IdP MFA ‘factor only’?
  • as MFA Factor?

We’re using Duo As MFA factor


I have learned the DUO currently is not supported by the idx SDKs.

A highly recommend creating an idea at https://ideas.okta.com to potentially have this added in the future.

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