One Application Portal, Multiple Customers, Multiple User Types and Authorization (Where to start?!?)

Im completely new to Okta, Authentication and Authorization, so excuse the ignorance.


  • One App
  • Multiple Users
    – Super Admin
    – Admin
    – Non-Admin


  1. My company assigns another User to a super admin group, who can add other users (admins and non-admins) from their company, which has an company_id (or name) attached to it and it propagates down to the users they create.
  2. We want to authenticate each all users and return their company_id (or name).

I have the following questions:
Through the Okta Dashboard UI

  1. How can I create and propagate relational data pertaining to company_id (or name) to a profile that a Super-Admin is part of?
  2. How do I get those roles? i.e. Admin, Super-Admin…etc.

I see there is a Object called RoleList, but not sure how to assign it through Okta’s Dashboard.

Hi @SigmaSquared

To propagate the company id to a user profile, your application would need to do an Update User Profile call as mentioned here. If you are using the Java SDK, you can find here an example to set the user’s profile attribute.

Regarding the roles, you can find here under type the current supported roles for administrators.