OpenIDC flow - application claims

Hi All,

Does anybody know how it’s possible to get application claims, specified on App Sign-On page, using .net core middleware sdk? It seems like it only pulls standard openid scoped attributes, no matter what configuration parameters I provide it with.

Does default Authorization server support groups scope, which is described as OOTB functionality?

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Hi @phi1ipp

If by default authorization server you are referring to the custom authorization server (eg., then it does not support by default. The scope and claim would need to be redeclared as per the steps mentioned here.

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Hi @dragos,

Yeah, I kinda figured, that I can explicitly specify claims and add them to “my
default” auth server (though you say it’s not the “default” one :slight_smile: ) and put them into whatever scope I want.

But can you explain then, what is that scenario, when those claims, which I refer to in my screenshot, will be available without recreating them per the document?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @phi1ipp

This claim is available when calling the Okta authorization server (endpoints are available under

You can find out more details about Okta authorization server and custom authorization servers here.

Thank you @dragos,

That’s a useful link!